Violent Canberra man charged after brutal attack on woman walking her dogs

Canberra, Australia – A Canberra man is facing charges after allegedly attacking a woman in a “random and unprovoked violent incident” as she was walking her dogs. The man, identified as Sammy Heikurinen, 50, reportedly began shouting at the woman as she was nearing her home in Kambah on Tuesday night.

According to police reports presented to the court, the woman, feeling threatened, attempted to retreat but was pursued by Heikurinen, resulting in a physical altercation. During the altercation, she reportedly tried to defend herself by grabbing his genitals. Heikurinen allegedly then forcefully pushed her head into a garden bed and proceeded to headbutt her on the nose, causing her to bleed. He is also accused of pulling out clumps of her hair and biting her finger.

Heikurinen has been charged with assault causing actual bodily harm and appeared in court the following day with a noticeable black eye. The prosecution described the attack as a “random and unprovoked violent incident,” highlighting the severity of the situation. The court acknowledged the seriousness of the case, with Special Magistrate Sean Richter expressing concern over the unprovoked nature of the attack.

Reports revealed that Heikurinen has been struggling with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and depression. Despite this, the court granted him bail under strict conditions, which include staying away from Kambah, maintaining a distance of 100 meters from the woman, and seeking support services. His lawyer, Gillian Bilton from Legal Aid, emphasized his dedication to addressing his mental health challenges.

The case is set to return to court for further proceedings next month. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing mental health issues and the consequences of unprovoked acts of violence in the community.