Uber Eats Driver Condemned for Violent Attack on Elderly Couple in Honolulu

Honolulu, Hawaii – Following a disturbing attack that left two elderly individuals injured, Uber Eats has taken action against the delivery driver involved. The incident, captured on surveillance video, occurred last Friday at 1671 Kalakaua Ave. The attack resulted in a 72-year-old woman suffering a serious head injury, while a 65-year-old man sustained minor injuries.

In response, Uber Eats released a statement condemning the violence and expressing their zero-tolerance policy towards such behavior on their platform. The company promptly revoked the driver’s access to the app and offered assistance to law enforcement in addressing the situation.

According to property manager Puni Wilcox, the violent encounter took place after she confronted the delivery driver for parking in a reserved spot near the Ala Moana area. The delivery driver, identified as the attacker, allegedly assaulted Wilcox and her partner before fleeing the scene. Wilcox’s partner required surgery on his lower back as a result of the assault, slowing down his recovery process.

Despite the trauma experienced, Wilcox acknowledges the overwhelming support received from the community, both locally and nationwide. The incident has prompted reflections on the enduring spirit of Aloha in times of adversity, reminding her that there are countless kind-hearted individuals in the world.

While grateful for the outpouring of support, Wilcox has requested privacy to focus on her partner’s care during his recovery. Authorities continue their investigation, with no immediate updates on the suspect’s apprehension in the assault case. The community remains vigilant, advocating for a safe environment for all residents, especially the vulnerable elderly population.