Trump Reacts To Musk’s Poll About Reinstating Him On Twitter

Saturday, Elon Musk reactivated former President Donald Trump’s Twitter account. Due to a prior arrangement, Trump may be required to wait a significant number of hours before he may repost his Truth Social statements on Twitter. However, he may be able to get around this limitation.

After asking Twitter users if the former president’s account should be reinstated, Musk announced on Saturday that more than 15 million users ultimately voted “Yes” to reinstate Trump’s account. In contrast, 48.2 percent voted “No.”

The population has spoken, and Trump will be reinstated. “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” declared Musk upon the survey’s conclusion. “Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk concluded his tweet in Latin. Vox Populi translates into the voice of the people. Vox Dei -the voice of God.

Since Trump has stated frequently in the past that he will continue to use his network, Truth Social, it is unknown whether he will tweet again.

Trump replied to Musk’s survey via teleconference at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s Annual Leadership Meeting on Saturday.

Trump expressed that he has always admired Elon Musk. During his time as president, they got along well.   Trump said that he got to know him rather well. Trump mentioned that he heard Musk posted a poll, and the results were overwhelmingly strong from what he heard. Trump then took a moment to promote his own social media site by saying that he possesses something named Trump, and if you look, you will find that it is Trump-owned. He then went on to say how wonderful Truth Social was. Adding that Truth Social is skyrocketing, and it is performing well. Therefore, Truth Social has been extremely, extremely potent, extremely potent. He further added that he would be residing there.

He added that Twitter faces several difficulties. You realize what is occurring and may or may not succeed, but the issues are enormous, and the engagements are unfavorable. And you have a large number of bots and fraudulent accounts, which Trump believes should be removed. But Truth Social has taken the role of Twitter for many individuals, and he doesn’t foresee them returning to Twitter.

Truth Social was launched by the Trump Media & Technology Group in October 2021. According to a license agreement, Trump must give Truth Social preference over other social media platforms by waiting six hours before posting an identical message.

According to Intelligencer, SEC filings titled  “Risks Related to Our Chairman President Donald J. Trump” specifically stipulate: Any social media post by President Trump must be posted on TruthSocial and may not be posted elsewhere for six hours. After then, he may post on any website to which he has access. Therefore, TMTG has limited time to reap the benefits of his articles, and his followers may not find it compelling to utilize TruthSocial to read his updates so rapidly.

Trump began his presidential campaign for 2024 on Tuesday. Being permitted to use Twitter again might expand his influence beyond that of Truth Social.