Trump Now Being Investigated for Wire Fraud

Merrick Garland’s appointed special counsel is now investigating allegations of wire fraud relating to fundraising between the 2020 election and Joe Biden’s inauguration.  This is the latest effort in the seemingly endless war against Donald J. Trump.

Special Counsel Jack Smith is reportedly investigating potential crimes related to Trump and his “fundraising operation.”  This latest attack is accusing Trump of making claims of a fraudulent election to solicit donations, violating a federal law that makes it illegal to make false representations over email to defraud people out of money.

The explosive article stated that eight anonymous sources gave information about an ongoing criminal investigation on “condition of anonymity,” according to the Washington Post.  The once-respected newspaper reported that last month there had been a flurry of subpoenas aimed at Trump advisers and former campaign officials, Republican operatives, and other 2020 consultants.

According to sources, Smith’s office has subpoenaed former Trump campaign aides, Republican operatives, and other 2020 presidential campaign consultants in recent weeks.  Some of the sources cited by the WaPo gave testimony before a grand jury in Washington.

Smith, who was appointed to oversee the extensive investigations into matters involving Trump when the defunct J6 committee was disbanded after Republicans recaptured the House, appears to be seeking the kill switch for ending Trump’s political career, something that his enemies have been unable to achieve despite years of fake news, two failed impeachments, and the Liz Cheney-led January 6 investigation.

Trump responded by posting on his Truth Social platform, “Special ‘Prosecutor’ Jack Smith was fraudulently releasing confidential information to “Fake News Media.” The “corrupt DOJ” ought to remove him right away because his entire family is notoriously anti-Trump.

Even though the media, Democrats, and many Republicans insisted that the contest in which Biden received more votes was legitimate, Trump has maintained that the election was fraudulent.

The New York Times reported that Garland’s legal hit squad is investigating whether Trump showed guests at Mar-a-Lago a copy of a map containing “sensitive intelligence information.” However, Maggie Haberman, the report’s star reporter, lacked specifics.  Both the character of the map and the information on it are obscure.  The special counsel overseeing the Justice Department’s Trump-related investigations is examining the former president’s handling of classified documents after leaving office and is weighing charges that could include obstruction of justice, according to sources with knowledge of the investigation.  Haberman and two other reporters authored the attacking piece, which attributed several anonymous sources as “four people with knowledge of the matter.”

A New York City grand jury indicted Trump on charges relating to an alleged “hush money” payment to retired porn star “actress” Stormy Daniels on behalf of the George Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.  He faces yet another politically-motivated prosecution in Georgia, where an Atlanta grand jury is considering criminal election interference charges over the state’s 2020 results. 

Trump has recently fired back with a lawsuit against his former attorney Michael Cohen, seeking damages of $500 million for breach of his fiduciary duty and more.  The complaint alleges that Cohen made false and malicious statements about Trump and his family and profited from books, podcasts, and other revenue streams while violating a cease and desist order.  For more information on Trump’s lawsuit against Cohen, click here.