Mike Turner: Allies Unsettled Amid Intelligence Leaks

President Joe Biden may be implying that he’s unconcerned about the content of a trove of intelligence documents allegedly leaked by a 21-year-old Massachusetts Air National Guardsman. Still, Rep. Mike Turner said the matter is an issue of grave international regard.

The Ohio Republican stated in an interview on Sunday that he and President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Ukraine would be worried if such a thing happened. When the United States is trusted with information or works with another country to gather intelligence, leaking such material can leave the other country vulnerable.

Turner noted that some of the paperwork would have taken the shape of management items, such as a checklist detailing the steps the United States and its allies need to take to replenish dwindling supplies in Ukraine.

According to Turner, this doesn’t indicate that Ukraine has no other sources and is entirely vulnerable to Russia.

Meanwhile, looking at the complaints against Jack Teixeira, the alleged leaker, then not only did he get documents when he shouldn’t have, but someone should have seen, tapped him on the shoulder, and stopped him from doing so.

According to Turner, all of Teixeira’s access to sensitive material should have been terminated because of warning signs based on his online behavior suggesting he might be a potential leaker. He had no business knowing sensitive material that could be used against the United States.

Since Teixeira provided technical support, it was unnecessary to be aware of the details he was looking up, Turner said.

The lawmaker promised hearings and mentioned that the 9/11 Commission’s findings might be relevant.

Turner said they realized they needed to share confidential data so that puzzles could be solved using facts. The Department of Defense discovers it’s too late to do much about anything when there’s even a remote possibility that someone in Massachusetts is perusing documents related to war plans in Ukraine.

As for the defense of Teixeira’s alleged activities, Turner did not accept the argument that Teixeira had exposed President Joe Biden’s conduct, especially regarding Ukraine.

Turner, opposing information in specific records, stated that, except embassy guards, no U.S. forces are currently stationed in Ukraine. If Teixeira is convicted, he will be a traitor to his nation and will have committed the crime of espionage, and that is not a role model. Such a person has betrayed his country and its allies and did not accept that position according to his oath.

Turner said there are still so many unanswered matters concerning the documents seized at the houses of Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Biden.

According to him, they’ve been partially dishonest, and the House and the Senate will have to deal with this issue eventually. The documents handed to Congress are unfinished and do not specify where they originated, whether from Biden’s stash behind the Corvette or Mar-a-Lago.