Tragic: Indian-origin Teen Found Dead with Parents in $4 Million Mansion

Middlebury, Vermont – The Middlebury College community is in mourning following the tragic death of 18-year-old student Arianna Kamal and her parents. Their bodies were found in their upscale home outside of Boston, Massachusetts, and authorities are investigating the case as a potential murder-suicide.

District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey stated that initial findings suggest a domestic violence incident and mentioned the discovery of a handgun near Rakesh Kamal. The college released a statement describing Arianna as a bright student and talented singer, expressing their intention to plan a remembrance for her.

As the Middlebury community grieves, Milton Academy, where Arianna graduated from before attending college, is also mourning the loss. The school shared their thoughts and condolences, highlighting the potential Arianna had just begun to realize and the advocacy her mother provided for students and parents.

While details continue to emerge, the tragic loss of the Kamal family has deeply impacted both the college and the school. As the investigation unfolds, it serves as a reminder of the devastating impact of domestic violence on families and communities.

In summary, the Middlebury College community is mourning the loss of Arianna Kamal and her parents in what is being investigated as a potential murder-suicide. The tragic incident has also deeply affected the Milton Academy, where Arianna graduated, and serves as a stark reminder of the impact of domestic violence.