**Tornado Devastation:** Multiple Dead in Central Ohio after Severe Storms and Tornado Warnings

Columbus, Ohio – Multiple fatalities have been reported following a series of severe storms and possible tornadoes that struck central Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. The storms, accompanied by strong winds and unconfirmed tornadoes, resulted in the issuance of tornado warnings in Ohio from 8:30 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. The Logan County Coroner’s Office confirmed three deaths in Logan County due to the storm.

The initial reports of a “mass casualty event” came from the Logan County Emergency Management Agency, reporting numerous downed trees and damaged homes in the Lakewood, Midway, and Orchard Island areas of Washington Township. The Mary Rutan Hospital in Bellefontaine treated 19 patients in the emergency room for weather-related injuries, including bone fractures and concussions.

The devastation left by the violent storms and possible tornadoes in Ohio’s Logan and Delaware counties led to widespread damage. Washington Township Police Chief Michael Thompson described the chaotic scenes and extensive damage, urging people to avoid the Indian Lake area to allow emergency crews to operate efficiently. Search and rescue efforts, including the deployment of cadaver dogs, were scheduled to begin with the break of daylight.

In Indiana, the State Police reported “many significant injuries” following a tornado that ripped through the town of Winchester. While investigations into reports of deaths were ongoing, Indiana Task Force One was called in to assist with search efforts. The town activated its State Emergency Operations Center to respond to the storm’s aftermath.

Kentucky also experienced storm damage, with at least 50 structures, including homes, being damaged in Trimble County. Governor Andy Beshear reported a tornado touchdown in Gallatin and Trimble counties along the Indiana state border. The emergency operations center was activated to coordinate response efforts.

Severe weather alerts were issued for the region spanning from northeast Texas to Indiana and Ohio by the National Weather Service. The extent of the damage and casualties caused by the storms underscores the urgent need for coordinated emergency response and recovery efforts in the affected areas.