Temple Priest Murder: High Court Disposes Plea by Wife

Mumbai, India – The Bombay High Court has dismissed the plea of a woman seeking a reinvestigation into her husband’s murder. The woman’s husband, a temple priest, was found murdered in 2017. The court ruled that there was no substantial evidence to support the plea for a fresh investigation.

The woman had requested for the case to be transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for further investigation. However, the court found that the existing evidence and investigation were sufficient and saw no reason to transfer the case to the CBI.

The woman’s lawyer argued that the local police investigation was not thorough and had failed to consider certain crucial aspects of the case. However, the court maintained that there was no significant material to indicate any lapses in the investigation.

This decision comes as a disappointment to the woman, who has been seeking justice for her husband’s murder. The court’s ruling signifies the end of the legal battle for a fresh investigation into the case.

The temple priest’s murder in 2017 had shocked the community and raised concerns about the safety and security of religious leaders in the region. The court’s decision to dismiss the plea for a new investigation means that the case will not be reopened, bringing a sense of closure to the long-standing legal battle.