Teenagers Charged with Assault After Vicious Attack on Marcellin College Student

Auckland, New Zealand – Three teenagers have been charged with assault following a violent attack on a student from Marcellin College in Mangere. The incident, which occurred on February 12, involved a group of 10-15 teenagers from Mangere College assaulting the Marcellin student as he was returning home.

According to witnesses, the victim was targeted as he got off the bus on Bader Drive in Mangere and was chased to the car park behind McDonald’s. The attack, which took place in front of around 30 other teenagers who reportedly encouraged and filmed the incident, left the Marcellin student hospitalized.

The boy was allegedly struck in the head multiple times with a bottle, punched, kicked, and stomped on by several boys during the assault. In response to the incident, the police have charged the three boys involved and referred them to Youth Aid for accountability.

Law enforcement officials emphasized that they have zero tolerance for violence, especially in public spaces, and have been in contact with the schools involved to address any potential issues arising from the attack. Following the assault, school and community leaders have urged for calm and an end to any rivalry between the two schools.

To ensure the safety of students, staff members from Marcellin College have stationed themselves at Mangere Town Centre, and police have increased patrols in the area. Furthermore, bus routes were temporarily altered to avoid dropping Marcellin students near the town center.

Since the incident, community meetings involving police and the families of those involved have taken place to address the situation. Families of the students participated in private discussions, aiming to find a resolution. In light of these events, efforts have been made to improve security at the shopping center, with a local business owner offering free security patrols until a long-term solution is established.

Moving forward, there are plans for community advocates to speak at both schools to emphasize commonalities and foster a sense of unity among students. The focus is on building relationships and connections to ensure a harmonious environment for all students in Mangere.