Airlines & Aircraft Crash News: Miracle at Tokyo Airport as Crew Safety Measures Lead to Low Casualties

TOKYO (AP) — The collision between Japan Airlines (JAL) flight 516 and a Japanese Coast Guard aircraft on a runway at Japan’s Haneda International Airport last week has been hailed as nothing short of a miracle. The crash and subsequent explosion captured the world’s attention as it was shared across social media. The real headline … Read more

Carbon Fiber Composites Under Scrutiny After Tokyo Plane Collision

TOKYO — The recent plane collision at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport has brought attention to the use of carbon fiber composite materials in aircraft. These materials are increasingly used to save weight in airplanes, including the wide-body Airbus A350-900 that was engulfed in flames after colliding with a Japan Coast Guard plane on the runway. The … Read more

Transcript Reveals Air Traffic Control Conversations Before Fatal Tokyo Airport Crash

TOKYO, Japan – Japanese authorities have released a full transcript of air traffic control conversations between two planes and the control tower just moments before a fatal plane crash at Tokyo’s Haneda airport. The transcript details the discussions between the control tower and the Japan Airlines (JAL) passenger jet as well as the smaller coastguard … Read more

Deadly Tokyo Plane Crash Under Investigation: New Details Revealed

The investigation into the recent deadly plane crash in Tokyo, Japan is underway following the tragic incident that claimed the lives of many. The plane, bound for Tokyo from a nearby international airport, crashed shortly after takeoff. The cause of the crash is currently being looked into by aviation authorities in an effort to determine … Read more

Runway Safety Under Scrutiny as Japan Investigates Tokyo Airport Crash

TOKYO, Japan – Different aviation organizations are now focusing on the runway safety concerns after a recent investigation into a plane crash in Tokyo. The incident occurred after a Japair flight skidded off the runway during takeoff. The crash prompted authorities to look into the potential factors that led to the accident. The Japan Transport … Read more

Japan Airlines Jet Tragedy Averted: Textbook Evacuation Saves Hundreds from Tokyo Airport Fire

TOKYO, JAPAN – A Japan Airlines jet struck another plane on landing at Tokyo’s Haneda airport, igniting a blaze that took over six hours for firefighters to extinguish on Tuesday. However, the swift and coordinated actions of the crew, passengers, and pilot resulted in a textbook evacuation, with all 367 passengers and 12 crew members … Read more

Tragic: 5 Killed in Japan Airlines Plane Collision at Tokyo Airport

TOKYO, Japan – A tragic incident occurred at Tokyo Airport as a Japan Airlines plane collided with a small private jet, resulting in the death of five people. The collision occurred during the private jet’s takeoff, causing a fire and subsequent explosion. The Japan Airlines plane was preparing to depart for a domestic flight when … Read more

Tragedy Strikes: Five Killed and Dozens Injured in Tokyo Airport Plane Collision

TOKYO, JAPAN – A tragic collision at Tokyo’s Haneda airport resulted in the deaths of five people and left over a dozen injured. The incident occurred when a Japan Airlines plane collided with a Japanese coastguard aircraft, causing the passenger jet to burst into flames upon landing. The coastguard aircraft was on a mission to … Read more

Tragic Tokyo Airport Collision: 379 Passengers Escape Deadly Flames

TOKYO (AP) — A passenger plane collided with a Japanese coast guard aircraft and burst into flames on the runway of Tokyo’s Haneda Airport on Tuesday, officials said. All passengers of Japan Airlines flight JAL-516, a total of 379 people, managed to escape before the plane was completely consumed by the fire. The pilot of … Read more

Aircraft Catches Fire at Tokyo Airport, Killing Coast Guard Jet Crew in Collision

TOKYO – A Japan Airlines aircraft caught fire at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport after a possible collision with a Japanese Coast Guard jet, resulting in five crew members of the Coast Guard jet losing their lives. The captain of the plane is seriously injured, according to NHK. The aircraft, carrying nearly 400 passengers, caught fire shortly … Read more