Explosive Dunkin’ Donuts Toilet Leads to $100,000 Lawsuit

Winter Park, Florida – An unfortunate incident at a Dunkin’ Donuts franchise has led to a customer filing a lawsuit against the company after encountering a shocking predicament. Paul Kerouac suffered severe injuries after an incident at the Winter Park, Florida Dunkin’ Donuts two years ago, leading him to seek more than $100,000 from the … Read more

Toilet Explosion at Dunkin’ Prompts Lawsuit for Filthy and Injured Customer

ORLANDO, Florida – A man in Florida is suing Dunkin’ after he claims to have been injured by a toilet explosion at one of the chain’s stores. According to the lawsuit, the incident left the customer filthy and injured. The lawsuit alleges that the man was using the restroom at a Dunkin’ store in Florida … Read more