Firefighters Respond to Explosion and Fire at Luxury Real Estate Sales Office in Pompano Beach

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A fire broke out at a luxury real estate sales office in Pompano Beach on Saturday night, causing panic among witnesses who reported hearing a loud explosion. The incident occurred at the Related Group’s Casamar gallery located at North Ocean Boulevard and Northeast Ninth Street. Residents nearby, like Tina Moon, described … Read more

Gunfire Erupts in Pompano Beach: Boy Killed, Three Injured

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA – Tragedy struck Pompano Beach as a young boy was tragically shot and killed, with three others sustaining injuries in the aftermath of the gunfire. The incident, which occurred in a residential area, has shaken the community and left many residents on edge. According to authorities, the shooting took place late Tuesday … Read more

Shooting Rampage: Fatal Incident Leaves One Dead and Three Injured in Pompano Beach

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A tragic shooting incident near a convenience store in Pompano Beach, Florida, left one boy dead and three others injured on Monday. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office reported that the shooting took place around 5 p.m. EDT on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. Upon arrival at the scene, deputies found … Read more

Shooting Near Pompano Beach Convenience Store Leaves One Dead, Three Injured

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A tragic shooting incident unfolded near a South Florida convenience store, resulting in the loss of a young boy’s life and injuring three others. The Broward County Sheriff’s Office disclosed that the shooting occurred in the early evening on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard in Pompano Beach. Upon responding to … Read more

Shootout in Pompano Beach: Gunman Kills Coworker Before Fatal Encounter with Deputies

Pompano Beach, Florida – A tragic incident unfolded late Wednesday night when a shootout occurred between deputies of the Broward Sheriff’s Office and a gunman who had fatally shot his coworker. The office has identified the gunman as 59-year-old Rafael A. Molina, who opened fire on deputies after taking the life of his coworker, 42-year-old … Read more

Fatal Shooting in Pompano Beach Neighborhood Leads to One Person Detained

POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – A fatal shooting in a Pompano Beach neighborhood on Tuesday afternoon left one man dead and another person detained, according to officials. The incident occurred in the 2600 block of Northwest 7th Street, where Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies and fire rescue crews quickly responded to a report of a shooting. Upon … Read more