Gunfire Tragedy: Vigil Honors 2 Bystanders Slain in Greater Grand Crossing

Chicago, Illinois – A vigil was held in Greater Grand Crossing to remember two innocent bystanders who tragically lost their lives to random gunfire. The community gathered to honor the memories of the victims and to call for an end to senseless violence. The two individuals, who were not involved in any altercations themselves, were … Read more

Shooting Leaves Two Bystanders Dead in Greater Grand Crossing: Second Shooter Still at Large

Chicago, Illinois – A tragic shooting incident in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood has left two bystanders dead, adding to the city’s ongoing struggle with gun violence. The shooting, which occurred on South State Street, resulted in a total of four individuals being shot on Monday evening. One of the victims, Jon Rucker, lost his … Read more

Gunfire Erupts in Grand Crossing, Killing Bystander and Injuring Others

Chicago, Illinois – Simon Brown Sr., a 59-year-old man who walked with a cane, was tragically killed in a shooting outside a liquor store in Grand Crossing. Brown, who was not involved in the altercation that led to the shooting, was struck in the chest and succumbed to his injuries at the University of Chicago … Read more

Rafah Crossing Reopens for Limited Evacuations Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

RAFAH, Egypt – The Rafah border crossing, located in the southern Gaza Strip, reopened for a limited time to allow the evacuation of foreigners and injured Palestinians. The crossing had been closed on Friday due to difficulties in transporting injured Palestinians from northern Gaza. Reports indicate that a U.S. citizen, Adel Salam, confirmed his safe … Read more