Speedway Building Linked to Cold Case Killings Slated for Demolition

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — The former site of a fast-food restaurant in Speedway, Indiana, is set to be demolished in the coming weeks. The building, which was previously a pawn shop, holds a dark history tied to the unsolved murders of four young people in 1978. This development comes as a significant chapter in the town’s history is set to be erased.

The building, once a Burger Chef restaurant, was the location where four workers were abducted and later found murdered. The bodies of Jayne Friedt, 20; Daniel Davis, 16; Mark Flemmonds, 16; and Ruth Ellen Shelton, 18, were discovered a couple of days after their abduction, marking a tragedy that has remained unsolved for 45 years.

Initially, the murders were thought to be a case of petty theft, and after the incident, the restaurant was cleaned and reopened. However, the building has since remained a haunting reminder of the gruesome events that took place there. Today, the building is anticipated to be replaced by a dental office, according to town officials.

Bill Jones, a former Speedway police officer, expressed that the presence of the building has served as a continual reminder of the tragic events that unfolded there. The structure, which was most recently a pawn shop, has seen varied usage over the years but has failed to sustain any long-term endeavors.

The establishment’s dark history is a stark contrast to that of the former fast-food chain, Burger Chef, which used to have locations across the country. The forthcoming demolition of the building signifies the end of an era and the beginning of a new chapter in Speedway’s history.