Review Launched by UCCS after On-Campus Double Homicide

Colorado Springs, Colorado – The University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) has enlisted former prosecutor and Colorado Springs mayor John Suthers along with attorney Jason Dunn to conduct a comprehensive review of the events leading up to and the response following a tragic on-campus double homicide that occurred on February 16.

The victims, Samuel Knopp and Celie Rain Montgomery, were both discovered deceased in a UCCS dormitory following reports of a shooting. Knopp was a registered student, while Montgomery was not affiliated with the university.

The alleged perpetrator, Nicholas Jordan, was apprehended several days after the incident. His defense team has recently raised concerns about his competency in court. Jordan, like Knopp, was also enrolled as a student at UCCS at the time.

The UCCS administration has initiated this review, with a specific focus on generating an executive summary highlighting key findings and recommending any necessary policy or procedural changes. This decision was communicated to students and faculty via an email announcement on Thursday. Following the completion of the review, there is a possibility of convening the emergency management team to implement recommended adjustments.

This review was deemed essential following initial revelations as the legal proceedings against the accused individual progress through the criminal justice system. An unnamed official from UCCS emphasized that while they believe their actions were appropriate, they are eager to undergo an external, independent evaluation to address potential misconceptions arising from incomplete information circulated in national media outlets in the early stages of the case.

Receiving input from experienced professionals like Suthers and Dunn underscores UCCS’s commitment to transparency and accountability in handling such critical incidents within the university community. The thorough examination of the lead-up to the tragic event and subsequent response aims to provide clarity to the public and ensure that any necessary improvements are implemented to enhance safety and security on campus.