Prison Sentence for B.C. Man Involved in Brutal Marijuana Facility Attack

Mission, British Columbia – A B.C. man has been sentenced to life in prison, nearly four years after committing a violent attack at a marijuana growing facility in Mission.

The incident, which took place on August 8, 2020, resulted in the death of one individual and the confinement and assault of four others at a residence on Gunn Avenue. The perpetrator, identified as Van Nguyen, then proceeded to set the house ablaze before fleeing the scene and disposing of the weapons used in the crime.

While the motive behind Nguyen’s actions was not explicitly stated in the court’s decision, it was noted that he had been employed at the marijuana growing operation and had been living at the main residence on the property for several months leading up to the attack. His employment ended one month prior to the violent events that transpired.

After being apprehended in October 2020, Nguyen pleaded guilty in May 2023. Supportive letters from his wife and adult children were presented to the judge during the sentencing process.

Prior to the 2020 attack, Nguyen had a minor criminal record that did not involve any violent offenses. Despite his plea, the Honourable Justice Michael Tammen ruled that Nguyen, aged 63, would be eligible for parole after serving 12 years, considering his age and health condition.

The judgment cited multiple factors that influenced the sentencing decision, including the brutality of the killing, the deliberate act of arson, premeditation, and the confinement of the victims. Nguyen’s expression of genuine remorse also played a role in the judge’s ruling.

In addition to the life sentence, the court mandated that Nguyen provide a DNA sample for a database, adhere to a lifetime ban on possessing weapons, and refrain from any contact with the surviving victims throughout his incarceration.