Nampa Man Found Guilty of Killing Suspect in Mother’s Stabbing

Boise, Idaho – A Nampa man was convicted of second-degree murder after fatally stabbing a suspect linked to his mother’s death, in a verdict delivered Tuesday by an Ada County jury. Raul Cuevas, 32, faces a potential life sentence for the killing of 39-year-old Jesus Urratia. The jury acquitted Cuevas of a first-degree murder charge, which carries the possibility of the death penalty.

Cuevas was arrested in connection to the death of Urratia, who was found deceased in a vehicle at a gas station in Avimor, a planned community north of Eagle. The Nampa Police Department had identified Urratia as the suspect in the stabbing death of Cuevas’ 52-year-old mother, Michelle Luna, the day before.

Reportedly, Cuevas used the gas station phone to contact law enforcement after committing the fatal stabbing. Following the verdict, prosecutors urged 4th District Judge Jonathan Medema to remand Cuevas into custody until his sentencing on July 23. However, Judge Medema denied the request, citing his belief that Cuevas did not pose a threat to the community or was likely to flee.

The case showcased a tragic chain of events resulting in multiple deaths and a criminal investigation that culminated in a courtroom trial. The jury’s decision brings a measure of closure to the families involved, shedding light on the consequences of violence and tragedy in the local community.

While Cuevas now faces the prospect of a lengthy incarceration, questions remain about the circumstances that led to the deadly encounter and the impact it has had on all those affected. As the legal process moves forward, the focus shifts toward understanding the underlying factors that may have contributed to this violent incident and seeking justice for the victims involved.