Fire Safety Urged by Lapeer Fire & Rescue After Teen Injuries in Fire Pit Explosion

Lapeer, Michigan – In the wake of a recent incident in Saginaw where two teenagers suffered severe injuries from a backyard fire pit explosion, Lapeer Fire & Rescue is emphasizing the importance of fire safety as outdoor fire season approaches.

Chief Mike Vogt of Lapeer Fire & Rescue stressed the need for safe fire practices following the unfortunate accident. He highlighted the significance of avoiding accelerants like gasoline or diesel fuel when starting fires. Instead, Vogt recommended using safer options such as newspapers, kindling, approved starter logs, and clean-cut firewood.

To prevent similar accidents, Vogt also provided important safety tips for outdoor fires. These included avoiding accelerants, sticking to approved materials like newspapers and safety logs, supervising fires with an adult present at all times, and having extinguishing tools like a fire extinguisher, hose, or bucket of water nearby.

The incident serves as a reminder to the community about the potential dangers of mishandling fire, especially during outdoor gatherings. The injuries sustained by the teenagers in Saginaw highlight the need for vigilance and caution when dealing with fire, whether it be in a backyard fire pit or a campfire.

As the weather warms up and more people opt for outdoor activities, it is crucial for everyone to prioritize fire safety. By following simple guidelines and taking necessary precautions, such as avoiding accelerants and ensuring proper supervision of fires, individuals can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

Lapeer Fire & Rescue’s proactive approach in educating the public on fire safety is commendable. By raising awareness and sharing important safety tips, they are working towards preventing future incidents and keeping the community safe during outdoor gatherings and activities. Remember, safety should always come first when dealing with fire.