Miniature Revolver: Gun Expert Analyzes Suspect in Finland School Shooting

Helsinki, Finland – A recent school shooting at Viertola Primary School has shocked the community, with a 12-year-old suspect allegedly wielding a miniature revolver during the incident. Markku Talvisto, the chief executive of the Asenurkka gun store in Helsinki, analyzed footage of the tragic event and suggested that the young shooter may have used a small firearm in the attack. The shooting resulted in the death of a 12-year-old child and injuries to two other 12-year-old students.

Authorities responded to the school at 8:08 am local time following reports of gunfire. The suspect, also 12 years old, was apprehended in Helsinki’s suburb of Siltamaki at around 10 am. Students reportedly sought shelter in their classrooms as the shots rang out, with teachers securing the children inside rooms until the situation was under control. The school, which serves around 800 students ranging from seven to 15 years old, has two campuses – Liljatie and Jokiranta. The incident occurred at the Jokiranta campus.

Videos of the suspect’s arrest revealed the type of weapon involved, identified by Talvisto as a possible .22 caliber miniature revolver commonly used as a replica of Wild West-style firearms. These smaller weapons are often of lower quality and less accurate, primarily used for hunting purposes. The suspect is said to have been carrying a single-action revolver, requiring the hammer to be cocked before each shot.

Law enforcement officials, including armed officers, maintained a presence at the school in response to the shooting. Residents were advised to avoid the area, stay indoors, and refrain from opening their doors to strangers as a safety precaution. Finnish broadcaster MTV Uutiset reported that the victims and suspect were classmates in the same class. The investigation into the incident is ongoing, and authorities continue to gather information on the events that transpired.

Eyewitnesses indicated that two ambulances departed from the scene following the shooting. The headteacher of the school, Sari Laasila, reassured the public that the immediate threat had passed. With approximately 800 students and 90 staff members, the school resumed classes on Tuesday after the Easter holiday weekend, striving to provide support to its students and staff in the aftermath of the tragic event.