Man Killed in Hayward Shooting, Lack of Police Announcement Raises Questions

Hayward, California – Authorities in Hayward, California, are investigating the shooting death of a 45-year-old man that occurred on January 31. The victim, Yosef Barca, was killed inside a home on Poplar Avenue in Hayward. The circumstances surrounding his death have been clouded by conflicting witness statements and a confession by a woman who claimed self-defense in the shooting.

According to the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, the woman who confessed to the shooting had an active restraining order against Barca for alleged domestic violence. She stated that Barca had attacked her during an argument, pulled out a gun, and that a struggle ensued resulting in the gun discharging. However, Barca sustained approximately 10 gunshot wounds to various parts of his body, casting doubt on the claim of self-defense.

When police arrived at the scene, Barca was still alive but unconscious. He was unable to identify his shooter before losing consciousness. Nearby residents reported hearing multiple gunshots followed by a brief pause and then more gunshots. A second woman present at the scene claimed to have witnessed Barca physically assaulting the confessed shooter before she stepped outside and heard the shots fired, suggesting she did not witness the entire altercation.

Barca’s family has been devastated by his loss, as described on a GoFundMe page set up in his memory. The page describes Barca as a cherished son, a loving friend, and a vibrant member of the community who brought joy and kindness to all who knew him.

As the investigation into Barca’s death continues, no charges have been filed, and the case remains under scrutiny by the authorities. The conflicting accounts of the events leading to his death have made it difficult for investigators to piece together the true sequence of events.