Lynching horror: Cow vigilantes target truck drivers in Chhattisgarh rampage

Raipur, Chhattisgarh – In the aftermath of the recent NDA government election, a tragic incident occurred where two truck drivers from Uttar Pradesh fell victim to alleged lynching by “cow vigilantes.” The drivers were transporting buffaloes in the early hours near the temple town of Arang in Raipur district. A third victim, Saddam Qureshi, survived the brutal attack but sustained injuries that left him hospitalized.

According to reports, the lone survivor recounted a harrowing experience where a mob of 14-15 individuals attacked them, resulting in the deaths of Chand Miyan, 23, and Guddu Khan, 35. The survivor, along with his brother, was subjected to severe violence, with their bodies being thrown off a bridge onto a riverbed. The survivor managed to escape by jumping off the bridge.

The incident has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the rising instances of hate speech and violence perpetrated by cow vigilantes. The vigilantes allegedly targeted the truck drivers under the suspicion of smuggling cows, leading to the fatal attack on the victims. Video footage of the survivor has circulated on social media, showcasing the aftermath of the tragic event.

Raipur Senior Superintendent of Police, Santosh Singh, confirmed that an FIR has been filed regarding the incident, but investigations are ongoing. Autopsy reports are pending, and authorities are working to uncover the full details surrounding the attack. The presence of vigilante groups and their violent actions has raised alarm in the community, highlighting the need for swift and decisive action to address such incidents.

The immediate response to the incident was marred by delays, with police arriving at the scene an hour after the assault took place. Despite efforts to provide medical assistance to the victims, two of them succumbed to their injuries, adding to the tragic toll of the attack. The surviving victim, Saddam Qureshi, remains hospitalized, struggling to recover from the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon him.

As the investigation continues, the community grapples with the aftermath of the heinous act, seeking justice and accountability for the perpetrators. The incident serves as a somber reminder of the dangers of unchecked vigilantism and the need for greater protections for vulnerable individuals in society.