Lawyers Unite: Battle against the Woke Wing in Government continues

A law professor founded the Equal Protection Project at Cornell University to combat discrimination against white people in the name of “Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion” (DEI) policies.

Prof. William A. Jacobson, who also established the Legal Insurrection Fund and, launched in response to a worrying trend that rejects the fundamental American principle that everyone should be treated fairly regardless of race or ethnicity.

More than a hundred lawyers from over the country have joined the initiative of the non-profit Legal Insurrection Foundation to end prejudice in government-run spaces, including schools, universities, and cities, he said.

Jacobson’s fight against Critical Race Theory continues with the formation of the Equal Protection Initiative in February. To keep tabs on CRT efforts in K–12 schools and tertiary education institutions across the country, he established the public database

According to Jacobson, fighting DEI discrimination is a pressing civil rights issue.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is taught in DEI, a neo-Marxist philosophy that classifies people as oppressors and oppressed according to race and sexual orientation. It argues that the United States was built on racism, is fundamentally wrong, and must be destroyed.

Ibram X. Kendi, an author of “How to Be an Antiracist,” a key text in developing contemporary CRT, advocates discrimination against people he labels “oppressors,” such as white men. Schools and businesses prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) generally provide training that includes lessons on combating racism.

After collecting data on DEI cases for several years, Jacobson said he realized there was more to be done than just creating a database.

It was an episode in Providence, Rhode Island, when it was claimed that the Providence Public School System had disregarded the civil rights of whites by providing a teacher loan forgiveness scheme to only non-white applicants, which ultimately drove the project over the over.

Jacobson has stated that Rhode Island’s public school system is a “disaster” due to its inability to retain qualified educators. He mentioned the dismal 13% of students proficient in English and 9% experienced in mathematics at the 10th-grade level.

A Boston public school caused outrage among parents after it presented pre-teen students with a survey asking them about their sexual history, including whether they had performed oral sex.

This comes from a recent incident at a school where DEI is prioritized.

In a letter home to parents on Thursday, Eliot K-8 Innovation School’s principal addressed their “many concerns” on the survey. A survey was administered to some sixth and seventh graders the day before.

A review of the survey’s content revealed that it inquired about the students’ sexual experiences in general, as well as whether or not they had ever engaged in oral sex. Students were also questioned if they identified as transgender and experienced internal differences between their perceived and biological sex.

Yet, he noted that their DEI initiatives were both vigorous and well-resourced.

Jacobson said that schools in Rhode Island were providing up to $25,000 in debt forgiveness to attract new minority teachers because the teaching staff is disproportionately white compared to the student body.

Jacobson claimed that his group had complained to the U.S. Department of Education about suspected discrimination against white teachers and that their complaint had been forwarded to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.