Killer Released on Licence Moves Next Door to New Victim

WORKSOP, England – A convicted murderer, released on parole after serving 21 years in prison, has been accused of committing another violent crime. The man, David Bierton, was found guilty of brutally killing two vulnerable sisters back in 1996. After being granted release on parole in 2017, he was later recalled to prison for violating the terms of his release. However, in May 2020, he was approved for release again and allowed to move into a bungalow in Worksop, just half a mile from the scene of the original crime.

Despite his previous violent history, Bierton was placed next door to a 73-year-old grandmother, sparking outrage and concern within the community. The grandmother, Pauline Quinn, expressed her dismay at the decision to release Bierton and place him in such close proximity to a vulnerable person. The disturbing similarities between the new crime and the previous murders have reignited fear and trauma within the community.

The families of the murdered sisters have been deeply impacted by the heinous crime, with one family member expressing relief when Bierton was originally imprisoned. The trauma and fear caused by the murders have had a lasting effect on the community, especially on the sister of the victims who felt compelled to reinforce her home’s security measures.

Bierton’s sentencing is pending at Nottingham Crown Court, and the local community is once again grappling with the aftermath of a violent crime attributed to a previously convicted murderer. The parole decision and the subsequent placement of the released convict have raised questions about the adequacy of the parole system and the safety of communities.