Kamala Harris Can’t Describe What She Does As Vice President

What does Kamala Harris do every day? Despite being in charge of the border issue, you know, that place where she refuses to go, what else does she do? Wait, don’t answer that. She insults foreign officials. Remember her huge mistake in South Korea when she incorrectly called them the Republic of North Korea? Could it be that she does not know geography?

One would likely assume that Kamala Harris would be the perfect person to answer this issue, but you would be wrong. During an interview with Stephen Colbert, Kamala was questioned about her employment.

Referring to the Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom Veep, he inquired about one of the show’s recurring motifs: her character, Selina Meyer, is irritated by the ambiguity of her responsibilities. That is a high constitutional post, yet the name does not indicate what duties you are expected to perform. Does this sound accurate? Specifically, what is your true role as you have discovered it?

It was a softball question, but instead of swinging at the ball and hitting it out of the park, she rushed for the incorrect end zone in an attempt to score a touchdown. Kamala stated that she has the tremendous honor of working with the President of the United States, Joe Biden. The crowd applauded, whether or not they required a reminder of this fact.

Right! Correct! Exact match. In response to the clapping, Kamala improvised before adding, “And was vice president, right?”

Colbert asked Kamala if Joe Biden understood what serving as vice president meant. Joe Biden served as vice president for eight years, and it’s doubtful if he knew what was happening during that time. Colbert asked the question, probably because it was questionable whether he knew what was happening even then.

“He does. “He does!” said Kamala. She added that he is a genuine collaborator who understands the task. She tells Colbert to remember that they had arrived at the height of the pandemic. So much of the job consisted of the fact that we needed to cover a lot of ground and figure out how to do it.

Kamala proceeded to filibuster, evading the subject of her genuine position by praising Biden in a general manner. She added that he is an exceptional leader, and she wishes people could see what she sees because only one person is seated at that “resolute desk.” This individual must make judgments that no one else in the country can make, and he is an exceptional leader, she gushed.

The audience devoured her effusive admiration of Biden, but Colbert unexpectedly did not let her off so easy. Colbert stated it was an outstanding response, but the question was: What is the vice president’s job?

Her continual failure to answer the question suggests she does not understand what she is doing or even what she is meant to accomplish. See how she is trapped and compelled to describe her position: Does this sound like someone who understands her position? Perhaps one of her employees should have provided her with a cheat sheet. Maybe she, too, suffers from memory lapse, and the White House has, in fact, become an assisted living facility.