Hulu Is Streaming Happy Face Killer: Get Ready to Be Thrilled

In Portland, Oregon, fans of true crime films about serial killers have a new movie to watch. Happy Face Killer, directed by Rick Bota, follows the terrifying story of a serial killer who claims the lives of at least eight women, sending the authorities on a massive manhunt that ultimately leads to his arrest. The killer’s signature is a chilling happy face, which he includes in letters he sends, taunting law enforcement. The film is available for streaming on Hulu, providing a gripping story for those interested in true crime.

Written by Richard Christian Matheson, Happy Face Killer depicts the story of Keith Jesperson, a truck driver who, over a two-year period, took the lives of eight women. The movie attributes his heinous acts to the breakdown of his marriage and a failed career, preventing him from joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Despite false confessions from others, the FBI and local law enforcement intensify their pursuit of Jesperson, played by David Arquette in the film.

The movie also features Gloria Reuben as FBI agent Melinda Gand and Daryl Shuttleworth as the Ruskin County Sheriff. The supporting cast includes Stefanie von Pfetten, Josh Blacker, Melissa Montgomery, Emily Haine, Jordana Largy, Mittita Barber, and Kelly-Ruth Mercier. Happy Face Killer delivers a chilling true crime story that is sure to captivate viewers.

To watch Happy Face Killer on Hulu, viewers can visit the streaming service’s website, select a plan, and start their free trial. After choosing between the options with or without ads, viewers can dive into the world of gripping dramas and laugh-out-loud comedies, all available at their fingertips.

In summary, Happy Face Killer on Hulu tells the tale of a serial killer terrorizing the nation, evading authorities with disturbing letters and chilling confessions signed with a happy face. This film provides a compelling and intense true crime story for those who enjoy delving into the minds of serial killers.