Gruesome Elevator Discovery: Teen Found Shot to Death in Houston High-Rise

Houston, Texas – A shocking discovery was made on December 13th at the Haven at Elgin apartment complex, where a resident found the body of a 16-year-old boy inside an elevator. According to the resident, the boy appeared lifeless and had been shot to death. The teen was later identified as Edwin Quinones, and authorities revealed that he was allegedly attempting to rob people in the elevator when the incident occurred.

In a surprising turn of events, 18-year-old Larry Holmes has been charged in connection with Quinones’ death. However, it is alleged that Holmes was not the one who pulled the trigger. The Harris County District Attorney’s office claims that Holmes coached Quinones on how to commit armed robbery and is being charged through the law of parties.

As reported by police, under state law, a person can be held responsible for someone else’s crimes under certain circumstances, including if they assist or encourage someone to commit a crime. In light of these developments, residents of the apartment complex, particularly students, have expressed their unease over the situation. One resident mentioned that even with Holmes in custody, the individual who committed the actual murder has yet to be found, leaving them feeling unsafe.

Despite the bond set at $275,000 for Holmes, he remains in jail and is scheduled to appear in court later this week. The incident has left the community shaken and concerned for their safety, with some residents considering leaving the complex entirely. The tragic events at Haven at Elgin serve as a sobering reminder of the impact of violent crimes on communities and the pursuit of justice for the victims involved.