Greenwood Park Mall Shooting Survivors File Lawsuit Against Simon Malls and Security Firm Due to Negligence in Preventing Mass Shooting

GREENWOOD, Ind. – A family that was present at the Greenwood Park Mall when 20-year-old Jonathan Sapirman committed a mass shooting in July 2022 has filed a lawsuit against Indianapolis-based Simon Malls and their security firm, alleging negligence and failure to prevent the tragic incident.

According to the lawsuit, Kaya Stewart and her sister were in the food court when Sapirman emerged from the men’s restroom with a rifle and began shooting. As a result, Stewart and four others were injured, and three people were killed. Sapirman was later shot and killed by a mall visitor that evening.

The lawsuit accuses Simon Malls and the security firm of failing to protect the victims and everyone else at the shopping center and claims that the shooter displayed red flags that should have been noticed and addressed.

It also alleges that the security guard presence at the mall was insufficient at the time of the shooting and that the victims may have been targeted based on their race, a claim that contradicts previous statements by the Greenwood Police.

The family is seeking monetary damages for medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Their attorney hopes the lawsuit will bring about changes to security at Simon’s properties nationwide.

In a tragic incident at the Greenwood Park Mall, a family is suing the mall’s management and security firm in response to a mass shooting that occurred in July 2022. The lawsuit alleges negligence and failure to prevent the tragedy, seeking monetary damages for the victims’ medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.