Flightgate: More Migrants Desend on California, As DeSantis Takes Credit

California’s Democratic attorney general has launched scathing accusations against Florida, alleging their involvement in a “disturbing” case of migrant transportation. The unfolding saga centers around two privately chartered planes carrying Latin American migrants from New Mexico that recently touched down in Sacramento. California officials wasted no time in pointing fingers at Florida, placing the blame squarely on Governor Ron DeSantis’ shoulders for orchestrating and facilitating the migrants’ arrival.

Attorney General Rob Bonta, a Democrat, met with the migrants upon the first plane’s arrival and claims to have verified documents purportedly issued by the Florida State government. Bonta ominously hinted at potential criminal or civil action against those responsible for transporting or coordinating the migrants’ journey. His incendiary rhetoric condemning state-sanctioned kidnapping as both immoral and repugnant undoubtedly aimed to stoke the flames of public outrage.

According to sources within the California government, the migrants carried papers allegedly administered by the Florida Division of Emergency Management and facilitated by Vertol Systems Company, a private air and defense contractor based in the Sunshine State. The arrival of a second plane on Monday, carrying predominantly Venezuelan migrants, only added fuel to the fiery dispute. One of the bewildered passengers, David Mata, a 28-year-old Venezuelan, admitted to having arrived in the United States just weeks prior, completely oblivious to the masterminds behind the fully-funded flight to Sacramento.

While the precise nature of the second group’s documents remains shrouded in mystery, a representative from the state Justice Department revealed striking similarities, pointing fingers once again at Florida and the contractor involved.

Evidently, the Sunshine State had become embroiled in a pattern of migrant airlifts, as a similar incident occurred last September when Governor DeSantis dispatched migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Although the subsequent lawsuit filed against DeSantis and his colleagues was eventually dismissed, the recurring accusations have propelled DeSantis to the top of his conservative base. DeSantis, who is seeking the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, has been accused by some Democrats of using migrants for political gain.

On Tuesday, the administration of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis acknowledged that it had transported two groups of migrants to Sacramento. In a statement released by the Florida Division of Emergency Management, the migrants were not mistreated.

California officials scramble to gather additional evidence while contemplating legal action against the alleged masterminds behind this audacious operation. Attorney General Bonta’s vigorous condemnation of state-sanctioned kidnapping doesn’t reverberate in the red states. Many Republicans have called on Biden and Harris to take immediate action in the border crisis and have been ignored. The movement of migrants to sanctuary cities aims to involve the Democrats in a national crisis they have ignored.

The Florida Division of Emergency Management spokesperson denied the allegations made by California officials about the mistreatment and forced travel of migrants.

“Through verbal and written consent, these volunteers indicated they wanted to go to California,” spokesperson Amelia Johnson wrote.

Johnson shared a video featuring individuals on a bus and plane who were expressing gratitude for the assistance they received in leaving the streets of Texas. However, it is uncertain who these people are, when the videos were captured, or who recorded them. Additionally, Johnson did not provide any information about the reasons behind the migrants’ journey to California or what they were informed would occur upon reaching their destination.

As this gripping tale continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the complex web of immigration issues and the challenges different states face in dealing with the influx of migrants. One that has been made more complicated as Republicans continue to transport migrants to various cities in the U.S. in hopes of making the Biden Administration step up and secure the borders.