Ethnic Cleansing Poses “Existential Threat” to Armenian Community in Jerusalem After Attack by Israeli Settlers

JERUSALEM, Israel – The Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem has expressed grave concerns over the safety of the city’s historic Armenian community, citing an “existential threat” following an attack allegedly carried out by Israeli settlers. The incident occurred in the Armenian Quarter of occupied East Jerusalem, where masked men reportedly assaulted residents and threw rocks at Orthodox clergy. The patriarchal authorities have accused Israeli settlers of being behind the attack and have called on the Israeli government and police to investigate the matter.

The assault has raised alarms over the escalation of settler attacks on Palestinians in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, particularly in the wake of the recent hostilities between Israel and Hamas. Residents and officials are pointing fingers at individuals involved in questionable commercial deals, leading to tensions and violence in the area. The Armenian Patriarchate has specifically named Danny Rothman and George Warwar, accusing them of orchestrating criminal attacks on the Armenian community.

In a statement, the Patriarchate highlighted the urgency of the situation, emphasizing the need for accountability and protection for the indigenous Armenians and clergy who are now fighting for their lives. The lack of repercussions for the perpetrators has added to the community’s fears and has drawn attention to the broader issue of land disputes in the region. The patriarchal authorities are voicing their distress over the vulnerability of the Armenian Quarter and are urging authorities to take immediate action to address the root causes of the violence.

The Armenian Patriarchate in Jerusalem is calling for a thorough investigation into the attack and the individuals allegedly responsible for instigating the violence. The safety and security of the ancient Armenian community in the city is at stake, and decisive measures are needed to address the growing concerns over the escalating violence and threats faced by the indigenous Armenians. It remains to be seen how the Israeli government and authorities will respond to these urgent appeals for intervention and justice.