Emergency: Man Attacked Near Clapham Station Unable to Reach 999 Operator

London, United Kingdom – A man attacked near Clapham Common is raising concerns after struggling to reach emergency services when he dialed 999. The victim, assaulted by strangers outside Clapham South Tube station, was left with injuries and frustration as his call went unanswered for around two minutes.

The man recounted being followed off the Tube and attacked in the darkness near Clapham Common. The assault, lasting approximately seven minutes, resulted in him sustaining cracked ribs, a shoulder injury, and needing surgery for an eye injury. Despite trying to call 999 for help, he encountered difficulties with no answer on the emergency line.

After being unable to get through to an operator, the victim flagged down a British Transport Police vehicle for assistance. The BTP contacted the Metropolitan Police, leading to an appointment for officers to visit the victim the following day. An investigation has been launched, with forensic and CCTV investigations underway to progress the case. The victim has expressed concerns over the delay in receiving help, highlighting the importance of a timely emergency response.

Detective Chief Inspector Dan O’Sullivan assured that the investigation is ongoing, with multiple leads being pursued. The victim is being kept updated on the progress as authorities work to gather evidence and identify the perpetrators. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for efficient emergency services to ensure the safety and well-being of individuals in distress.