Dems Want Death and Destruction Of The Republican Party

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) warned that the Democrats are seeking Republican blood. The Republican firebrand made the statements, which went viral and attracted backlash, during a “Save America” rally in Warren, Michigan, on Saturday evening, before former President Donald Trump joined the stage to campaign for the state’s GOP gubernatorial nominee Tudor Dixon.

Greene stated that she was not going to mince words. “Democrats want Republicans dead,” and they’ve already begun killing them, Greene stated.  She added that the Democrats were seeking the blood of the republican party.

Greene mentioned Cayler Ellingson, 18, who was slain in North Dakota last month. Based on court documents, Shannon Brandt, 41, the man accused of murdering Ellingson, believed the teenager was an active member of a Republican extremist group. Brandt stated that he believed Ellingson was calling for help when he hit him with his car after a political argument.

Closer to home for many in the audience, the congresswoman mentioned the killing of an elderly anti-abortion supporter when she was door-to-door canvassing in Michigan last month after an apparent altercation.

Greene lashed out at President Joe Biden, who has increased his assaults on MAGA Republicans in recent weeks, saying the commander in chief has proclaimed “every freedom-loving American an enemy of the state.” But under Republicans, we will reclaim our nation from the communists who have taken it and want us to vanish, she concluded.

Greene’s remarks went viral after the Republican Accountability Project uploaded his video on Twitter. The tweet stated, “This speech is harmful and unacceptable.”

This is going on the heels of a HuffPost article. The story enraged Greene, as HuffPost took a video of her out of context. The video depicts her as a lighting-powered superhero with a helicopter and an AR-15 shooting a wild pig and slamming Democrats. HuffPost released a piece headlined “Marjorie Taylor Greene Likens Dems to Hogs, Wants Help Shooting Them Dead” on Wednesday morning.

In the video, she argues that there is skyrocketing inflation, costly diesel fuel, and America’s final policies. Democrats aren’t the only ones undermining farmers’ ability to feed their families. Greene says that we had feral pigs ruining farmers’ fields, so we decided to go hog hunting.

Greene climbs aboard a helicopter with a huge AR-15-style assault rifle to shoot and kill a feral hog from the air. Later, she poses with the lifeless body on the ground.

Her prank has nothing to do with farmers. Still, it helps her image with the pro-gun right. It acts as a fundraising ploy, as she uses the video to advertise a contest for supporters to accompany her on a helicopter hog-shooting excursion.

Today, there are Republicans who demonstrate fascistic conduct and promote fascistic philosophy. President Joe Biden has called the worldview of the “MAGA Republicans” as “semi-fascism.”

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green has publicly voiced sympathy for killing important democratic elected leaders and proposing to physically attack transgender school officials, the White House said in late August, defending President Biden’s “semi-fascism” accusation.

Greene applauded the election of a new neo-fascist prime minister in Italy this week.

Greene has recently boasted about her support for Christian nationalism.

“What America needs is Christian nationalism,” she remarked in August. She specifically advocated it in September and as far back as June.

In her criticism of the whole news industry, including the right, she wonders: Does America have any journalist of such great character and moral standards that can resist the tremendous temptation to lie, abusing their privilege of freedom of the press, to support their political party? she asks. “Tragically, we do not,” she concludes.