Classified Document Scandal: Proof of Financial Ties to China

On Sunday, James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, claimed he had proof showing that President Joe Biden’s family had profited from the Chinese Communist Party.

Comer said the Committee had a very good two weeks, and people are finally cooperating, the Biden administration was stonewalling, and Janet Yellen was stonewalling, not turning over the bank violations.

Fortunately, he says, they now have bank records and individuals working with them.

While he didn’t identify who these people were, he claimed they had ties with the President and his family.

There have been discussions with these individuals or their lawyers in the previous two weeks, with four individuals on the list of those collaborating with the Bidens on international plans. According to Comer, the documents prove the Chinese Communist Party gave money to the Biden family.

He continued, saying the evidence is just as alarming as first feared.

It’s very troubling, he said, but he’s glad the Biden attorney and the Biden administration have been stonewalling because the Committee now has more evidence to support their need for the documents the Biden family and the government are concealing than they did when he first asked for them two weeks ago.

Hence, they have unwittingly assisted the cause in getting these records to where the American people can get the truth and the honesty deserved from officials in Washington, he said. 

Comer said former executive assistant to Joe Biden, Kathy Chung, has consented to be deposed by the House Oversight Committee.

On April 4, the Committee will hear from Kathy Chung, one of the staff members who helped pack up Biden’s office when his term ended as Vice President.

Comer said that he and his Republican colleagues had numerous concerns about Chung’s part in relocating records.

There are at least five instances where it is known that Joe Biden improperly handled sensitive documents. He added that text messages and emails prove that Hunter Biden was responsible for Chung getting the job helping the Biden family move documents.

Comer questions why Hunter Biden was so worried about Joe Biden’s paperwork in light of what was revealed in Biden’s bank records, emails, and texts concerning all the influence peddling Biden had done. Thus, there are a lot of inquiries for Ms. Chung.

Luckily, she will come in on her own accord, opening the door to get some answers, as Comer pointed out.

Comer, when asked what he’d learned from analyzing the bank records of President Biden’s son, Hunter, explained that there were several wire transactions between accounts belonging to individuals associated with the various businesses in which the Biden family was engaged in China, several transactions on a single day. He explained that this was likely one explanation for the high volume of bank violation complaints (Suspicious Activity Reports) received.

The banks would look at this as laundering money, but he doesn’t necessarily think they were laundering money. Comer says it seems like the source of that money was the Chinese Communist Party which is what the Bidens were trying to hide.

Comers added when he gets the opportunity; he’d question the Bidens on why there were so many transfers if they’re conducting legitimate business activities and why they were trying to hide the source of that money.

As previously reported, Comer has vowed to subpoena Hunter one day.

In November, he made the surprising vow after being asked whether there were ongoing discussions to subpoena Joe Biden and Hunter Biden eventually.

Comer replied that there are no plans to subpoena the President. But, he intends to subpoena Hunter.