Changes Needed in 2024: Mother of Murdered Teen Calls for Action on Youth Violence and Policing in Baltimore City

BALTIMORE, Md. – Michelle Hines, the mother of Izaiah Carter, a 16-year-old Baltimore City teen who was shot and killed in 2023, is speaking out about the changes she hopes to see in the new year. In a recent interview with WBFF, Hines expressed her thoughts on the need for change in 2024.

Recalling the devastating moment when she received the news of her son’s murder, Hines shared her deep pain and grief. She recounted the heartbreaking experience of losing her son, who was gunned down just steps from his high school, Patterson High, during school hours.

Hines emphasized the importance of accountability for young people involved in criminal activities and called for more preventive measures to address the issue of youth violence. She highlighted the need for increased access to mental health support and rehabilitation services for Baltimore’s youth to steer them away from a life of crime.

Addressing concerns about policing in the city, Hines pointed out the disparity in police presence in different neighborhoods, calling for equal attention to be given to all areas, especially those with a high risk of youth violence.

As 2023 came to a close, the Baltimore Police Department reported a decrease in the number of young people killed in the city, compared to the previous year. Total homicides were also down, signaling some progress in addressing the issue of violent crime in the city.

With the 2024 General Assembly Session approaching, Hines is hopeful that lawmakers will take meaningful action to address the root causes of youth violence and enact changes to state crime laws. As she continues to advocate for change, Hines remains committed to turning her personal tragedy into a catalyst for positive transformation in Baltimore.