Businessman Jailed for Violent Attack on Ex-Girlfriend in Hull Penthouse

Hull, United Kingdom – A former girlfriend of Lance Cator, a businessman from Hull, described the harrowing experience of being physically and mentally assaulted by him in his penthouse, leaving her with severe injuries. The incident occurred on February 12 last year, with Cator admitting to assaulting the woman, causing actual bodily harm.

Initially facing a more serious charge of causing grievous bodily harm with intent, Cator was eventually sentenced to two years in prison. The victim, a 46-year-old woman who had been in a relationship with Cator for about three-and-a-half years, recounted the events that led to the violent attack.

According to prosecutors, on the day of the assault, Cator, who owned the Telstar 2 pub in Hull, was drinking with friends when his girlfriend went to find him. An argument ensued, leading them back to his sixth-floor apartment at Queens Court, where the violence unfolded. Cator’s criticism of the woman’s ironing sparked a series of events that culminated in a physical altercation.

The prosecution detailed how Cator became verbally abusive, claiming his wealth and superiority, before physically attacking the woman. She suffered serious injuries, including a broken nose, black eyes, and damage to her knee and fingernails. The victim later revealed the extent of her physical and emotional trauma, which resulted in her inability to work for several weeks and ongoing therapy.

Moreover, she disclosed the need for medical procedures to address the lasting effects of the assault, such as breathing difficulties due to her injured nose and dental issues. Despite Cator’s claims of self-defense and minimal intoxication, the court found him guilty of the assault and sentenced him accordingly.

The case sheds light on the issue of domestic violence and the lasting impact it can have on victims’ physical and mental well-being. It serves as a reminder of the importance of holding perpetrators accountable for their actions and providing support for those affected by such violence. The victim’s courage in coming forward to share her story highlights the resilience and strength of survivors in seeking justice and healing.