Bike Theft Decriminalized as 89% of 365,000+ Unsolved Cases Emerge, Party Claims

London, England – Bike theft has become a widespread issue in the UK, with more than 365,000 cases remaining unsolved over the past five years, according to the Liberal Democrats. The party claims that an average of 200 bicycle thefts per day occur without the culprit being apprehended.

Official crime data reveals that 89% of all bike thefts since 2019 have gone unsolved, with only 2% of cases resulting in a suspect being charged. The staggering number of unresolved cases has led the Liberal Democrats to call for a return to “proper community policing.”

Alistair Carmichael MP, the party’s home affairs spokesman, expressed concern over the lack of action in addressing bike theft. He highlighted the impact of such thefts on victims and emphasized the need for increased police resources to combat this issue.

These revelations have sparked questions about the effectiveness of the government’s efforts to address crime. The Home Office has invested significant sums in bolstering the police force, including a program to hire 20,000 additional officers. Despite these efforts, the high rate of unsolved bike theft cases suggests that further action is needed to tackle this problem.

Police minister Chris Philp defended the government’s approach, citing significant reductions in theft and violent crime rates over the past decade. However, the unresolved bike theft cases raise concerns about the allocation of resources and the effectiveness of current crime-fighting strategies. It remains to be seen how the government will address these challenges moving forward.