Beware, Biden’s Green Energy Push Is Taking Over Your Xbox

Xbox will require players to reduce their power use to combat climate change, promoting itself as the first “carbon aware console.” Most likely to advantage of some tax incentives.

In a recent news article, Microsoft revealed that new features would require gamers to turn off their Xbox consoles to combat climate change. The recent change is being touted as part of the company’s efforts to create a “sustainable future for gaming.”  The corporation stated its ambition to become a “zero-waste” organization, automatically putting gamers into “shutdown mode” to preserve electricity to help the corporation reach its environmental goal. Microsoft asserts that if two gamers used their recommended power-saving strategy for one year, it would be comparable to growing one tree.

The company’s environmental impact objectives are carbon-negative, water-positive, and waste-free by 2030. Microsoft is releasing an update for Xbox consoles that will automatically put them into a “power-saving Shutdown” mode instead of the “energy-hungry Sleep mode,” according to Ars Technica.

For most consoles, “sleep mode” signifies that the system emits low energy but can still download, charge peripherals, and leave the user’s games open where they left off.

Additionally, the game system will schedule upgrades and maintenance at specified times, which the manufacturer believes “may” assist in cutting carbon emissions.

The article states that your console will wake up at a moment when most renewable energy is available in your local grid, adding that players will soon be able to upgrade their systems, so the “Xbox console is carbon conscious.”

Microsoft claims that the energy-saving shutdown option would consume up to 20 times less power than the sleep mode. Still, it will disable the ability to remotely power on the machine and will take longer to power on overall.

Supposedly, the Xbox will save the same amount of carbon as a single tree, but only if two users turn off their consoles for at least 20 hours every day for an entire year.

Every tiny action we perform has a greater aggregate effect, and choosing to shut down (to save energy) may have a substantial, meaningful effect. For example, for every two consoles that switch to Shutdown (energy saving) for one year, we will save the same amount of carbon dioxide as if one tree were planted and allowed to grow for ten years.

Users must choose “active hours” in their system settings if they want their consoles to boot up with a typical response time; otherwise, the console will automatically enter an eco-friendly power-saving mode.