Attorney Paul Miller Secretly Plants 10,000 Daffodil Bulbs in Downtown Santa Rosa, Spreading Unexpected Beauty

Santa Rosa, California – A local attorney in downtown Santa Rosa has been secretly planting 10,000 daffodil bulbs in public areas over the past three years. This act of guerrilla gardening has led to unexpected bursts of beauty in the city’s medians, under freeways, and in parking lots.

The attorney, Paul Miller, anonymously tends to these plantings under the cover of darkness, driven by the desire to create a February surprise for the city. Armed with only an orange vest and a cordless drill with an auger for digging, Miller has been transforming otherwise barren and neglected areas of the city into colorful and vibrant urban oases.

About five years ago, Miller’s efforts were discovered when sunflowers bloomed on public property near his law offices. Instead of shutting down his guerrilla garden, the city recognized his work, legitimizing the effort and allowing Miller to continue. His motive for this unconventional form of gardening is simple – to bring unexpected bursts of beauty to unexpected places.

Miller’s work has not gone unnoticed by the community as people have been asking him about his own backyard, assuming it must be amazing. However, Miller revealed that he puts all his efforts into beautifying the public spaces of downtown Santa Rosa, turning overlooked areas into havens of color and life.

This act of guerrilla gardening has a profound impact on the city, adding a touch of beauty and vibrancy to places where one least expects it. Miller’s efforts serve as a reminder of the power of small, anonymous acts to bring joy and color to the community.