Animal Neglect: Woman Faces Charges in Florida Animal Hoarding Case

POLK COUNTY, Fla. – A shocking case of animal hoarding has emerged in Polk County, Florida, where 35 cats and a dog were discovered in a home covered in feces and reeking of ammonia. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office also relocated an 82-year-old woman from the hazardous living conditions.

Deputies initially responded to the home for a well-being check of the elderly woman and were met with a strong odor of ammonia both inside and outside the home. Upon entry, they found more than 30 cats and feces throughout the house. The PCSO Animal Cruelty Investigations Unit was called in to respond to the situation.

Sharon Cochran, 57, the resident of the home, was discovered amidst piles of trash and garbage. The cats appeared to be underweight and in need of proper care. Authorities also found an ammonia reading inside the home of 15 ppm, with cat feces and roaches present in every room and no litter boxes.

Cochran was taken into custody and charged with 36 counts of animal neglect, and also with neglect of the 82-year-old woman, for whom she was the sole caregiver. The victim has since been relocated to family members. Sheriff Grady Judd expressed concern over the second case in a week of a woman hoarding animals, emphasizing the need for rehabilitation for the animals and expressing hope for their adoption to loving homes.