Animal Cruelty Exposed: New Footage Alleges Abuse at Tasmanian Abattoir

SHEFFIELD, Tasmania – New footage has emerged, further illustrating allegations of animal cruelty at a Tasmanian abattoir. The Farm Transparency Project (FTP) has shifted its attention to Local Meat Co in Sheffield after shocking videos were released late last year depicting alleged mistreatment at Tasmanian Quality Meats. The FTP disclosed additional images and videos this week, claiming that they were obtained through covert means at Local Meat Co in 2023.

In response, the Local Meat Co has publicly condemned the reported animal mistreatment shown in the footage, stating that they have taken immediate measures to improve their facility and provide further training to their staff. The company has also terminated two employees seen mishandling the animals and implemented a strict one-strike policy to address such behavior in the future.

However, the FTP has described the recent footage as part of a broader investigation into five Tasmanian slaughterhouses and has indicated that more evidence is forthcoming. The organization has installed cameras at Local Meat Co for a short period, during which they claim to have documented severe mistreatment of cows and sheep.

The release of the new footage has reignited public concern over animal welfare in Tasmania’s meat processing industry. Minister for Primary Industries Jo Palmer has promised the establishment of an investigative task force to uphold the highest standards of animal welfare in the state’s livestock processing sector.

The Tasmanian Greens Leader, Rosalie Woodruff, has criticized the government’s response, accusing them of attempting to conceal the “deeply uncomfortable and cruel truth” about systemic cruelty in the abattoir industry. She has called for regulated CCTV surveillance and monitoring to address the issue.

The Local Meat Co has vowed to continue making improvements to ensure compliance with animal welfare standards as the state grapples with these new revelations.