Aircraft Catches Fire at Tokyo Airport, Killing Coast Guard Jet Crew in Collision

TOKYO – A Japan Airlines aircraft caught fire at Tokyo’s Haneda Airport after a possible collision with a Japanese Coast Guard jet, resulting in five crew members of the Coast Guard jet losing their lives. The captain of the plane is seriously injured, according to NHK. The aircraft, carrying nearly 400 passengers, caught fire shortly after arriving from Shin-Chitose airport in Hokkaido.

Live footage on public broadcaster NHK showed flames coming out of the windows of the aircraft. Fortunately, all passengers and crew were safely evacuated.

This incident marks the worst aviation accident Japan has seen since 1985, when a JAL jumbo jet crashed in central Gunma region, resulting in the deaths of 520 passengers and crew. The runways at Haneda Airport were closed after the incident, with more than 70 fire engines being deployed.

The Japan Coast Guard confirmed that the aircraft involved in the collision was an MA722 fixed-wing aircraft belonging to Haneda Air Base. Data from FlightRadar24, an online aircraft tracker, showed that the Airbus A350 took off from Sapporo airport in Japan and had a flight time of 1 hour and 20 minutes before the incident occurred.

The incident highlights the potential dangers of air travel and the importance of safety protocols in preventing such tragedies. All efforts are being made to investigate the cause of the collision and ensure the safety of future air travel.