Acquittal: Toronto Man Found Not Guilty in Wasaga Beach Trailer Park Assault Case

Toronto, Ontario – A Toronto man accused of a violent assault at a Wasaga Beach trailer park two years ago has been found not guilty by Justice Enno Meijers in a virtual courtroom in Collingwood. Meijers stated that while he believed something had happened to the complainant, he was not convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Gary Costa was involved.

The three-day trial in Collingwood saw Costa, 42, facing accusations of assaulting his neighbor in a late July 2022 incident that resulted in the man sustaining serious injuries, including a brain bleed and damage to his eyes and face. Costa maintained his innocence throughout the trial, testifying that he never laid a hand on the man.

Costa’s defense argued that the lack of physical evidence pointed to his innocence and questioned the credibility of the alleged victim, highlighting inconsistencies in his recount of the events. The defense attorney, Allison Cormie-Bowins, accused the victim of being unreliable and noted his history of dishonesty and violent behavior.

Judge Meijers expressed uncertainty about what truly happened to the complainant, suggesting that the injuries could have been self-inflicted while affirming that Costa’s testimony was plausible. The Crown contended that Costa acted out of anger towards the man, with allegations of physical assault and threats involving a kitchen knife, backed by photos of a bloody scene inside the man’s trailer.

Despite the Crown’s assertions, the defense maintained that there was no animosity between Costa and the alleged victim, casting doubt on the man’s recollection of events. Surveillance videos showing the complainant intoxicated and stumbling were presented in court, with the defense pointing to underlying health issues that could have contributed to his injuries.

Ultimately, Judge Meijers ruled in favor of Costa, citing the lack of conclusive evidence linking him to the assault and emphasizing the unreliable nature of the alleged victim’s testimony. The acquittal marked the conclusion of a legal battle that centered on conflicting narratives and unresolved questions surrounding the events at the Wasaga Beach trailer park.