Kamas, Utah- Court documents recently unsealed reveal that Eric Richins, a Utah man allegedly murdered by his wife, had her medication in his system at the time of his death. The 33-year-old Kouri Richins is charged with aggravated murder and three counts of drug possession and allegedly killed her husband with illicit fentanyl in their home.

According to a Summit County detective, Eric also had a small amount of Quetiapine in his stomach contents, a medication prescribed to Kouri. She told authorities the pills were for sleeping, but a medical examiner stated they are actually used as an antipsychotic. Kouri’s motive may have been financially motivated, with prosecutors suggesting that Eric’s murder was linked to life insurance policies totaling more than $1.9 million.

The couple’s financial disagreements over Kouri’s desire to purchase a $2 million mansion are also under scrutiny, as Eric thought the home was too expensive, and Kouri wanted to flip it for a profit. In addition, Kouri “surreptitiously and without authorization changed the beneficiary for Eric’s $2 million life insurance policy to herself.” Eric had taken Kouri off his will prior to his murder, making his sister the beneficiary instead.

The details surrounding the murder and Kouri’s suspicious actions have painted a complex and intriguing picture of this tragedy. It is clear that this case has many layers, all contributing to a harrowing tale of alleged betrayal and deceit that has left a family shattered and seeking justice.

In the wake of Eric’s death, Kouri wrote a children’s book about death, further adding a layer of complexity to the case. The situation is a reminder of the deep-seated emotions and complex motives at play in this tragic story. As this case continues to unfold and new evidence comes to light, there is hope for justice and closure for Eric’s grieving loved ones.