White House Doesn’t Want To Send Joe Biden to Kyiv Despite His Willingness to Go.

On Thursday, the White House expressed there were no designs to send President Joe Biden to Ukraine, even though the president communicated his eagerness to go.

During an excursion to North Carolina, Biden was asked by correspondents Thursday if he was prepared to make a trip to Ukraine to show his help for the country during Russia’s intrusion.

Are you all set? the correspondents asked.

At the point when correspondents answered by inquiring as to whether he was all set to Ukraine, Biden replied, “better believe it.”

In any case, White House official columnist Jacqui Heinrich expressed that there were “no plans” to send Biden to Kyiv, Ukraine, “right now.”

Politico detailed the United States was considering sending a high-ranking representative to Ukraine to demonstrate their help for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

When he got some information about the report, Biden said he and his staff were pursuing that choice at this point.

Biden has recently communicated his eagerness to venture out to Ukraine yet protested that “they” (apparently his staff and security detail) won’t permit him to do as such.

Honestly, some portion of my mistake is that I can’t see it firsthand as I have in different spots, Biden said during his visit to Poland in March. They won’t let me, justifiably; I get it would cross the line — and investigate what’s happening in Ukraine.