Verdict Pending in Ex-Girlfriend Murder Trial After Last Witness Testifies

Macon, Georgia – The murder trial of Joey Fournier, accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Cynthia Berry in February 2022, is coming to a close as both sides rested their cases. Fournier, who escaped from the Bibb County jail in February 2023, took the stand on Wednesday, claiming he remembers most of the events leading up to Berry’s death but not the specific moment of her killing.

According to Fournier’s testimony, Berry had invited him over for a meal and a movie, but things took a dark turn when she allegedly threatened his teenage daughter. Fournier claimed he blacked out after seeing red and only regained consciousness after a friend picked him up later that night.

Witnesses testified that Berry’s brother, David Rogers, arrived at the scene after being informed of his sister’s murder. Rogers described the chilling moment when he learned of Berry’s death and the heartbreaking scene he encountered upon arrival.

Prosecutors did not hold back in questioning Fournier about whether he strangled Berry, to which he replied he was likely responsible but could not recall the events clearly. Evidence presented in court included a voicemail from Fournier expressing ambiguous remorse for something that happened.

Fournier’s defense attorney chose to remain silent after the court proceedings, leaving it up to the jurors to deliberate on the case. The trial is set to resume on Thursday morning for closing arguments, with a verdict expected shortly thereafter. The outcome of this trial will determine Fournier’s fate in a case that has captured the attention of Macon residents.