Two Immigrants Behind Serial Thefts at Macy’s

OAK BROOK, IL – In a recent development, two Venezuelan immigrants, Jainer Efrain Guttierrez Quintero, 30, and Estivenson Martinez Artigas, 28, have been charged with theft. According to the DuPage County State’s Attorney’s office, the charges stem from separate incidents on the same day at a Macy’s store in Oak Brook.

Both men faced the court on Monday morning, each slapped with a count of retail theft, a Class 3 Felony. This charge carries severe penalties and underscores the seriousness of their alleged crimes. The charges were laid out clearly in the court, leaving no room for ambiguity about the nature of their alleged offenses.

In addition to the theft charge, Artigas has another legal hurdle to overcome. He is also facing a misdemeanor count for resisting or obstructing a police officer. This additional charge adds a layer of complexity to his case and could compound the legal consequences he faces if found guilty.

The authorities have given a detailed account of the incidents. They say that Artigas entered the Macy’s store at the Oak Brook Mall around 4:30 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 10. He allegedly attempted to steal a backpack and two coats with a combined value of $459. However, his alleged shoplifting spree was cut short as he was apprehended by officers while trying to make his exit from the store.

Not long after this incident, approximately 30 minutes later, Guttierrez Quintero reportedly walked into the same Macy’s store. He allegedly tried to steal eight items of Polo merchandise. The total value of these items was pegged at $1,173, a significant amount that underscores the gravity of his alleged crime. Like his compatriot, Guttierrez Quintero was also intercepted by officers before he could leave the store with the stolen merchandise.

The State’s Attorney of DuPage County, Robert Berlin, has lauded the law enforcement’s swift and effective action in these cases. He also took the opportunity to issue a stern warning to potential offenders. “The arrest of these two defendants sends the clear message that if you steal in DuPage County, you will be arrested, charged, and prosecuted,” he stated emphatically. He added, “Our law enforcement is second to none and remains on high alert to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday shopping season for our merchants and patrons alike.”

The following legal step for Artigas and Guttierrez Quintero is their arraignment, scheduled for Jan. 8. As part of their release conditions, both men have been given strict instructions. They are prohibited from entering any Macy’s store and the Oak Brook Mall. This measure is likely intended to prevent potential repeat offenses and ensure shoppers’ and store employees’ safety and peace of mind.