Trump’s Underappreciated Campaign Strategy Gives Him An Advantage Over DeSantis.

During his recent visit to Iowa, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump made no secret that his greatest political adversary is Ron DeSantis, who has yet to announce his candidacy. Yet during the trip to Iowa, Trump carried out a campaign tactic that may give him an edge against the Florida governor.

Rumors have stated that Trump has called DeSantis “meatball Ron.” Trump said he never used that moniker, and other individuals utilize it. On his trip to Iowa on Monday, Trump told Daily Caller’s top national correspondent Henry Rodgers, that he didn’t like the moniker; he believes it’s too crass. Trump said he is a non-crude person.

According to The New York Times, Trump used the moniker, although the president has subsequently denied using it. Yet, as the 2024 election campaign heats up, petty name-calling is not the only factor driving the race. Trump has a simple strategy, and he’s gaining a head start on carrying it out while DeSantis delays his expected announcement.

The Washington Post stated that Donald Trump’s staff had started a countrywide push to bolster his prospects of receiving sympathetic delegates at next year’s nomination convention and to explore possibilities to modify party rules that may aid his candidacy.

The Trump team is undertaking a “behind-the-scenes” operation to cultivate ties with state party officials and take advantage of state-specific nominating laws. Some of these state politicians have been invited to Mar-a-Lago, and Trump’s endorsements have mainly corresponded with individuals he believes would back his presidential candidacy the most.

A representative for the Trump campaign stated the Trump team has an unrivaled political organization and will utilize its tremendous expertise to secure a complete and utter triumph in 2024.

Henry Barbour, a longstanding Republican committeeman from Mississippi, told the source that you could affect how delegates are picked, whether through primary, caucus, or convention. You may influence whether a state party uses a winner-take-all approach or what requirements a candidate must meet to obtain delegates. There are benefits to having the best-coordinated campaign.

Trump intends to avoid repeating the mistakes his 2016 campaign made in Colorado and Louisiana, where he lost to Ted Cruz.

A Trump advisor stated they were waging a campaign for the Republican nomination that was not based in 2016. He added that it is a genuine campaign involving much more than just rallies.

In January, Trump’s senior advisors met with RNC officials to discuss the approach, while others visited with officers in the fifty states. They extended a hand. According to Carson Jorgensen, chairman of the Utah party, there have been discussions. Jorgensen stated they would nominate delegates at the state convention, but the primary election results constrain them.

Trump is eyeing Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin, which went to Biden in 2020. According to a 2021 survey, Trump led possible competitors in each state.

The 2024 Current Republican National Primary shows Trump leading with DeSantis trailing behind. The current stats are: Trump: 51%; DeSantis: 22%; Pence: 7%; Haley: 4%; Pompeo: 2%; Noem: 1%; Ramaswamy: 1%.

Trump’s travel to Iowa coincides with his likely criminal indictment for reportedly paying Stormy Daniels hush money. His former attorney Michael Cohen testified only hours before Trump’s rally in Iowa. Trump’s legal woes are only an extra layer to a challenging reelection campaign.

It’s a different political scenario. Trump is no longer an outsider, according to Virginia RNC member Morton Blackwell, who commented on Trump’s plan.