Trump Endorsement Streak Climbs to 55-0

After J.D. Vance and others safeguarded GOP assignments in primaries Tuesday, President Donald Trump ran his support record this essential political race cycle to 55-0, according to Washington Examiner journalist Paul Bedard.

Trump had previously boasted about his 33-0 record in Texas support at his Save America rallies. He added 22 other champs in Ohio and Indiana primaries Tuesday.

President Trump’s notable support dash of progress proceeds unabated, previous White House Political Director Brian Jack told Bedard. He’s 55-0 in midterm primaries — unquestionable confirmation that his underwriting is the most remarkable support in governmental issues.

Vance was the star, having gotten a disputable underwriting over other America first competitors in a furiously challenging Ohio Senate virtual race, including up-and-comers who had prior worked with the Trump lobby and the Trump organization. Vance was once a vocal Trump critic.

Because of the president for everything – for supporting me, Vance expressed Tuesday at his victory rally. Furthermore, I must say, a ton of the fake news media out there — and there are a few decent ones in the back there; there are a few terrible ones as well, can we be accurate — yet they needed to compose a story that this mission would spell the end for Donald Trump’s America first plan.

Lovely people, it ain’t the demise of the America first plan.

The 55-0 record recognized by the Examiner’s Bedard on Wednesday contains five competitors who constrained an overflow political race.

We consider spillovers a success as well — they didn’t lose, a Trump counselor told Bedard.

The following preliminary for the Trump underwriting is previous Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga., who is hurrying to unseat occupant GOP Gov. Brian Kemp. It is likewise a rehash of Jan. 5, 2001, Senate overflows, and the post-political decision difficulties to the Electoral College vote in Georgia amid charges of citizen and political decision misrepresentation.

The Kemp-Perdue essential closures are on May 24.