Transplant-Seeking Dad Puts Out Desperate Appeal for Liver Donor to Treat Auto-Immune Condition

LEEDS, UK – A 27-year-old father from Leeds, Jack Pridmore, is in urgent need of a liver transplant after being diagnosed with a rare autoimmune condition called primary sclerosing cholangitis. Since being placed on the transplant list in July, Jack has yet to find a donor, prompting a desperate appeal from his family and fiancée Shannon Rose to help treat his condition.

The disease, which affects the bile ducts in his liver, has landed Jack in and out of the hospital multiple times, severely impacting his quality of life. Recently, extreme swelling to his body resulted in a rush to the A&E, causing significant distress to his family. His fiancée described the situation as a “death sentence” as the uncertainty of finding a donor in time looms over them.

Shannon Rose, Jack’s fiancée, expressed the toll the condition has taken on the entire family, especially their four-year-old son, and made a heartfelt appeal for potential donors to come forward. She emphasized the life-changing impact it would have, not only for Jack but also for the donor. Despite her own unsuccessful attempt at donating part of her liver due to incompatibility, she stressed the importance of donors coming forward to save Jack’s life.

Living liver donation, according to the NHS, is considered low risk to the donor and involves the removal of part of the liver, which can then regenerate in the donor’s body. Shannon expressed her hope for Jack’s health to be restored and for their family to return to normalcy. The desperate plea for donors continues as the family navigates the uncertainty of Jack’s condition, with the hope of finding a suitable donor in time.