Tranformer Explodes Causing Rumbling Sounds and Shaking in New York City

New York City firefighters sprung into action early Tuesday morning after reports of explosions and buildings shaking. The FDNY responded to the 580 block of Main Street, just south of the Roosevelt Island Bridge & Tram, where they discovered that a transformer may have caused the incident. The police department did not provide further details on the location of the transformer or the exact cause of the reported explosion sounds and shaking.

The potential explosions resulted in power outages on Roosevelt Island, and residents in the Upper East Side and Astoria in Queens reported feeling small tremors. Multiple residents were abruptly awoken by loud noises and the feeling of their buildings shaking. Firefighters were seen on the scene, dealing with fires coming from maintenance holes.

Despite the chaos, there were no reported injuries, and the surrounding buildings seemed unaffected. The FDNY confirmed that the situation was under control by 7:08 am, and the scene was handed over to Con Edison, the power supply company for New York City. Efforts to reach out to Con Edison for comment have been unsuccessful.

As investigations continue, the NYPD is assisting with traffic in the area while the FDNY continues to assess the situation. It is important to note that no injuries have been reported and that the structural integrity of the surrounding buildings is being checked. The incident serves as a reminder of the critical work undertaken by emergency responders to ensure the safety and security of the public.