Tragic Shooting and Murder of Chicago Woman in Front of Children Due to Protection Order Violation by Ex-Boyfriend-led to Charges

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS – A tragic incident unfolded in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois, when 34-year-old Maria Roque was shot and killed in front of her two children in the early hours of December 13. The shooting occurred just hours before her ex-boyfriend, Kenneth Brown, was scheduled to be served with an extended protection order, for which a warrant had been issued for his arrest.

Roque had ended her relationship with Brown, citing his violent behavior and claiming that he had threatened her safety. The tragic event took place as Roque was putting her daughter into a rental car, and it is reported that Brown approached her before shooting her multiple times in front of their children. Despite an extended protection order being in place, which had been previously violated by Brown, Roque was fatally shot.

Brown was arrested on December 29 and charged with first-degree murder. He made his first court appearance on Sunday and was ordered to remain in custody without bond. Roque’s grieving family, including her twin brother Andres, expressed their shock and anguish at the senseless tragedy and the failure of the system to protect Roque despite the protection order.

In response, a GoFundMe campaign has raised nearly $15,000 to cover the costs of Roque’s funeral. Alexandra Jundt, who started the fundraiser, praised Roque for taking brave steps to escape a dangerous domestic situation and expressed that her love as a mother, selflessness, honor, and courage will continue to be celebrated. Relatives and community members have spoken out, emphasizing the urgent need for better protection and support for victims of domestic violence.